Brown cheese sauce

A savory sauce with tones of juniper and sweetness, making it good for dishes based on game meat. Or simply when you'd use a gravy.

Created on 2018-10-20
Last updated on 2018-12-03


300 g cream I use the 20% fat, regular variant for cooking. Variants with less fat will make it harder to bind the cheese.
10 g beef bouillon Or use 1 cube if you have bouillon in cubes.
80 g Gudbrandsdalsost To make it sweeter and more cheesy, add more cheese to taste. Going up to 90g or 100g should be safe, but above that the cheese taste can become a bit overpowering.
1 tbsp juniper berries
1 tbsp black pepper
3 tbsp game stock
1 tsp corn starch Optional


  • 300 g cream
  • 10 g beef bouillon
mix cream and beef bouillon in saucepan: Add the cream and the beef buillion to the saucepan.

heat the cream over medium heat untill boiling: Do you like the taste of burnt milk? No? Stir that sauce!

  • 80 g Gudbrandsdalsost
slice the cheese: Prepare the cheese in thin slices so that melting it into the sauce goes smoother.

  • 1 tbsp juniper berries
  • 1 tbsp black pepper
grind the pepper and juniper: If you use whole peppercorns and juniper beries (as I think you should given the slightly better taste compared to the little effort it is to do), now is the time. Otherwise just make sure you have them at hand.

Stir in the cheese: A slice at a time, add the cheese to the now simmering cream until you have dissolved it all. (Remember that it takes less heat to keep something warm than it takes to heat it up. At this point you probably want to turn the heat down a bit.)

Add the pepper and juniper: Add the pepper and juniper to the sauce. Stir well.

  • 3 tbsp game stock
Add the game stock: Add the game stock.

  • 1 tsp corn starch
Stir in the corn starch: Stir in the cornstarch. Make sure there are no lumps

Simmer while stirring: Stir the sauce until it has thickened as much as you want.