About Makimono

This project started out by that we wanted to have a place to collect, view, and not least share the recipes we like to use with our friends. The recipes have various origins, but mostly come from family and friends, some stuff we found online with some research (but with our own twists), and a couple originals.

Annoying to convert from cups every time, so wanted to save recipes. Also.. modifications, need a place to take notes. Other recipe sites did often not "flow" right, using multiple hours to preheat the oven or having a recipe that needs to rest overnight take 3 hours to complete. Also, wanted to avoid scrolling past someone life story to get to a recipe. In short, nothing seemed like the right place to get recipes from, so we made our own.

The recipes you will find on this site usually use metric weights as units. They will not have hidden steps like "shredded carrots" in the ingredient list. You will not have to scroll past a blog post to get to the recipe. Ingredient amounts are included in the recipe steps, so if you want, you can place a bowl on the kitchen weight and measure ingredients as you go.

The authors

Made by Ilse and Simon.

Technology used

This page is made as a set of static pages, generated using python, jinja2, and a custom template format based off yaml.

You can check out the code on GitHub: https://github.com/irxess/Makimono-Generator.


We don't collect anything. (Except recipes =P)

But seeing as you are (probably) reading this on the internet, we assume you know that every government on the face of the planet that has security services with a presence on the internet knwos that you are reading this, as do most likely any other enterprises interested in your activity.